Brainwave is a 2D wave survival game where you need to protect the Core!

This was created for the Ludum Dare 45 Game Jam!

You have no resources and need to gather materials to craft more drones to protect you!

You start with nothing… but a single drone!

Your drone has two modes:

  • Harvest (Gather Iron or Gold Ore)
  • Turret (Attack nearby enemies)

[Left Mouse Button] to Select or Deselect a Drone. 

[Right Mouse Button] to move the Drone in Turret Mode. 

[I] Opens the Inventory. [C] Opens the Crafting Window. 

[WASD] Move the Camera.

[Shift+WASD] Move the Camera but faster!

[Scroll Wheel Up/Down] Camera Zoom

Aziz ‘BodmassAD’ Arar (Programming, Music, Art) 

Ceejay ‘Z’ Smith (Programming)

Known Issues:

  • The DROIDs are difficult to select
  • The DROIDs sometimes get stuck and stop functioning
  • The GAME is kinda broken (and yes... the bullets don't rotate)
  • No mute button. Sorry not sorry.


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